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The SHCoop: March 2021 is all about The How

Welcome to The SHCoop with Super Human Collective!

The SHCoop (/shko͞op/) is a monthly newsletter from Super Human Collective that answers the question, "What's the scoop?" This is Edition No. 4. You can read all past editions on our blog (like you're doing now), or sign up to receive the newsletter right when it comes out!

This March, Super Human is all about The How.

People often define themselves in terms of roles (what they do). Super Human believes that how folks perform roles is just as important as what those roles are. In fact, we argue The How is more important than The What. The How communicates the intention behind the action.

Consider how you perform certain tasks. Do you do things:

  • Happily?

  • Nervously?

  • Obediently?

  • Rudely?

  • Quietly?

  • Angrily?

Consider how the people you interact with perform their tasks. Do they do things:

  • Begrudgingly?

  • Willingly?

  • Confidently?

  • Optimistically?

  • Arrogantly?

  • Honestly?

In improv, The How is one of the biggest, clearest communication devices we have. It lets our scene partners know what's up with our characters, even if we say nothing. Slamming a door sends a different message than shutting it delicately. In both cases, the door ends up closed. But the characters have very different intentions behind those actions.

"Excited for tonight!" means two different things coming from each of Katie's expressions and tones.

In life, The How is one of the biggest, clearest communication devices we have. (Surprise! Improv lessons applied to life!) A sarcastic tone turns a positive message negative. An upbeat demeanor makes an unpleasant request more palatable.

Mary Cait's facial expression and tone of voice communicates a specific, yet unique meaning behind each phrase.

As we move through space and interact with others, it's important to pause and reflect on The How. Paying attention to how you express yourself to others can benefit relationships. Identifying how others express themselves will impact - and hopefully improve - the way you receive, interpret, and react to information. Once you notice The How, you'll see it everywhere!

Let us know how The How impacts you in March, and we may give you a shout out in April!

Thanks for reading Edition No. 4 of The SHCoop.

Happily, willingly, excitedly yours,

Super Human Collective


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