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The SHCoop: February 2021 is all about Commitment

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Welcome to The SHCoop with Super Human Collective!

The SHCoop (/shko͞op/) is a monthly newsletter from Super Human Collective that answers the question, "What's the scoop?" This is Edition No. 3.

This February, Super Human is all about commitment.

As improv teachers, our students often ask what to do if they draw a blank in a scene. This is a scary feeling. Imagine writer's block, except you're in front of a live audience and if you don't think of something in five seconds that audience will implode from boredom.

More often than not, our response is to commit - and commit hard. What have you been doing in the scene so far? Do more of that! Reinvest in the character choices you've already made. Believe in those choices. Whatever you do, do not stop.

Then we ask our students to explore new ways of expressing the same choices. This brings more energy and variety to their scene work. Are you playing a nervous dentist? How else can you express nervousness - physically, emotionally, verbally?

In an excerpt from our recent Super Human Spotlight Series, Sarah discusses the importance of committing both on stage and in her work as a freelance writer:

"Not only does improv require you to have fun with what you’re doing, you’ve got to commit and sell it... The writing I’m doing isn’t ground-breaking journalism. But, if I don’t believe in it and I don’t have fun with it, no one will read it and I probably won’t get assigned more stories. So, having fun and indulging in the absurdity is important."

In life, commitment may not be as simple as it is in improv, though the same tenants apply. When you feel stuck, like your progress is plateauing, commit harder. Believe in what you're doing (and if you find out you don't believe in what you're doing, ask yourself why). Are there new ways you can recommit to your path?

Following through on your goals is hard, especially when the going gets tough (and we enter month 12 of Covid-19 lockdown). Hang in there. Don't stop believing.

Let us know how commitment impacts you in February, and we may give you a shout out in March!

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Happy committing to yourself, your goals, and your work in 2021!

Super Human Collective

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