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"An overwhelming[ly] awesome experience...I think this might become a yearly event. The feedback regarding the team-building workshop was amazing. We even used some of the techniques [later] that night when we were participating in an Escape Room experience." 

-Sarah G.

Business Development Director, CEO

"Thank you so much for yesterday…the session was awesome! YES, AND...

You totally nailed the brief in terms of what I was looking for. YES, AND...

The team was all-in because you made them feel comfortable in the discomfort. YES, AND... 

We were still talking about the workshop today!!"

-zach h.

Fortune 500 Company

"It wasn’t like any training I’ve had before, and I was surprised at how improv skills and exercises could relate so much to the skills we use in the office. And, of course, there were some really funny moments we got out of it."



"People LOVED it! Such a great way to step away from the serious meetings and yet still learn about communication and validating others."


Manager, Sterilex

"The session was a welcome change to the day--giving us a chance to have fun while learning about ourselves and communication and initiative. Thank you!"


Manager, Sterilex

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