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Super Human opens every improv show by telling the audience, "We are Super Human. And so are you!" Then, we make people laugh. Empowerment and comedy are our driving principles, in both performance and business. Let's unleash your inner super human, and let's make it fun. 

Since our group's inception in 2012, the belief that each individual contributes something unique and necessary to the party has fueled our shows, workshops, and approach to anything new. We like to unlock potential, let it run around, and give people the skills to nourish it in themselves and others.  

Why improv?

Improv requires listening, communication, and imagination. It's less about being "funny" and more about being open. Built on the notion of "yes, and," improv asks us to set aside judgment and embrace the unknown. Trust yourself, trust your teammates, and trust the process, rather than focusing on the result.


Through improv-based exercises, Super Human helps folks explore what it means to show up for each other, demonstrate some vulnerability, and communicate purposefully. Improv can lead to a greater capacity for empathy, clarity, and creativity. 

Does it get any better than that?

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