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Introducing The SHCoop! December 2020 is all about Listening

Welcome to The SHCoop with Super Human Collective!

What's The SHCoop?

Exactly! The SHCoop (/shko͞op/) is a monthly newsletter from Super Human Collective that answers the question, "What's the scoop?" This is the very first edition. On the first Tuesday of every month, subscribers can expect to find:

  • What we're ALL ABOUT that month

  • Upcoming workshops

  • Comedy entertainment recommendations

  • Resources we love and live by

  • Discounts on special events

  • Shout outs to folks practicing improv skills in the real world

This December, Super Human is all about listening.

Listening is key to improvisation because players must build off of each other to create a cohesive performance. If you ignore what your fellow players communicate with their voices and bodies, the scene will tank and the audience will not laugh - which is the worst.

In work and life, active listening leads to meaningful dialogue and successful relationships. Listening is the key to understanding others, to being present, and to productive communication. It's very tempting to tune someone out while they talk, waiting for the right moment to interject. This can result in derailed conversations, missed opportunities, and hurt feelings.

For a prime example of great listening skills, read our most recent Super Human Spotlight on Amber Walker. She's a human resources professional and makes it a point to actively listen during the workday. You can tell she practices what she preaches; she answers interview questions by thoughtfully repeating the question before responding. Genuinely inspiring behavior from our Business Operations Manager.

Let us know how listening impacts you in December, and we may give you a shout out in January.

Beyond listening, we highly recommend playing around with Zoom backgrounds and filters. It's just... fun.

Thanks for reading our first installment of The SHCoop. If you'd like to receive our newsletter - complete with recommendations, resources, and event opportunities - subscribe!

Happy Holidays and Good Riddance 2020,

Super Human Collective


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