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Recording "Improv is Dead" Made Us Feel Alive Again

Two weeks ago, Super Human Collective was the guest (were the guests?) on Improv is Dead, an audibly enhanced improv podcast. The final product, Ep. 8: Cheesies, aired yesterday. Not to be dramatic or anything, but participating in this podcast brought us back to life!

Histrionic backstory

Once upon a time, Super Human performed improv every Tuesday night at The Annoyance Theater.* Across town, at the exact same time, a team called Fudge performed improv at the iO Theater. Perchance you've read about them in the Chicago Tribune? Like star-crossed lovers, ne'er twere the two teams to meet! Sure, they knew each other. Fudge's Damian Anaya, Tim Lyons, and Dan White were pals with Super Human; the groups just never got to enjoy each other's shows.

Damian Anaya, Tim Lyons, and Dan White of FUDGE.
"Improvising forces you to slow down and live in the moment... It's exciting, instant collaboration."

Death and rebirth

Once the pandemic hit, theaters in Chicago shut their doors.* Some, like the iO Theater, are now closed permanently. Like most improvisers and comedians in the city, Lyons and White figured live comedy as we knew it was dead. Or was it?

It was.

But! Improv is all about pivoting in the moment, embracing the unknown, and making something out of nothing. Since Lyons and White are some of the best improvisers out there, they did all three of those things. These two comedians and friends (working with your friends is cool and fun) created Improv is Dead, a podcast that impressively captures the magic of improv without the in-person, Covid-spreading audience part.

As White describes in the trailer, the show takes the "loose, raw fun and spontaneity" of improv comedy and combines it with polished sound effects to create a brand new type of improvised show. The result is an hour or so of hilarious entertainment from some of the country's top comedians. Improv is Dead, congrats on being born!

Stayin' alive

Recording with Lyons and White allowed all four of us Super Humans to do what we love most, when we needed it most. We're based in Chicago and the Midwest is currently a Covid-19 hotspot.** Improv on stage and in person is very much deceased for the foreseeable future. But, sitting down over a Zoom call to chat life and do comedy revived us.

Improvising forces you to slow down and live in the moment. You've got to listen to each other and bring your unique brand of creativity to the table at the same time. It's exciting, instant collaboration.

Podcasting is an awesome vehicle for delivering laughs to audiences who miss the escape of live theater as much as we do. Listen and chuckle along with us (a lil' teaser taste is below).

Then, subscribe to Improv is Dead and check out past episodes (the first one with Anaya is spectacular). New episodes drop every Tuesday... just like our star-crossed sets did pre-pandemic.

Thank you, Tim Lyons and Dan White for having us! Can you believe it took a global health crisis to bring us all together? Shakespeare would be proud.

*Please support the Save Our Stages Act so our home is there when things get back to normal!

**Raise your hand if you've played the improv game Hot Spot.

If you're interested in a workshop with Super Human Collective, contact us!

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