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Team-building is always better When it's



 We are

Super human collective llc

We are a female-owned business specializing in group dynamics on stage and off. Originally an improv troupe that tore into Chicago’s comedy scene in 2012, we now host team-building workshops and comedy events for clients from various industries.

Described as a “splash zone of women,” Super Human Collective LLC is known for its bold, hilarious, and fearless comedy. We pride ourselves on our distinct personalities and playing styles, and maintain an unmistakable focus on creating inclusive learning and performance spaces. 


We'd love to work with you to customize your next group event. Whether in or out of the office, formal or informal, shaken or stirred, Super Human Collective LLC facilitates engaging conversations, ignites fires, and gets employees out of their comfort zones, all while organically generating fun among your team.

We are Super Human and SO ARE YOU!

improv is Good for you

Improv is based on the principal of "yes, and." Another way of looking at "yes, and" is "acknowledge, add." It requires us to listen to what another person has said and then build from there. This is how you make something out of nothing.


Effective communication, healthy relationships, and productive workplaces thrive on the "yes, and" tenet of improvisation. Learn more about this idea and why we feel so strongly about incorporating improv into our personal and professional lives on our Philosophy page

We don't make you tell jokes

We build each workshop based on your needs,

so every event looks different.

The basic format goes a little something like this:


Super Human leads the entire group in warm-up activities meant to bring us to life physically and mentally.

Then, we launch into the first of several improv-based exercises that encourage communication, listening, and laughter. Afterwards, we discuss what we noticed and ask for observations from the participants.

We don't make you tell jokes. Or sing. We promise.

Learn more about what we offer on our Services page


virtual reality

Leave it to a global pandemic (not saying which one) to challenge us to practice what we preach. Since in-person workshops are on hold until further notice, we've embraced the discomfort and adapted to a new normal

Our virtual workshops and happy hour events now take place over Zoom. Sure, it's different, but we've designed exercises and entertainment specifically for this medium - and our clients have loved it so far. 

Check out what they have to say on our Testimonials page!

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